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Use Zapable To Build Beautiful AppsUse Zapable To Build Beautiful Apps

Zapable is a software tool, which helps people build and customize apps in a matter of minutes. It is just a drag and drop tool. Moreover, it is web-based. The other good thing about this tool is that any changes you make to your apps are updated in real time. You do not have to upload the app again to Apple Store or Google Play.

Using Zapable

It is advisable to create entertaining and fresh content on regular basis. In doing so, people will download and use the app. Studies show that content, which is suitable for mobile devices can be phoneconsumed with a lot of ease, even on the move.

It all comes down to content. You need entertaining, high quality, and informative content. It is only then that users can use your app now and then. After that, you can monetize your app. Instead of creating only a single source of content, it is recommended to create apps, which have several tabs. The best thing about this app creation software is that you can fill your apps with various sources of content. The sources of content include videos from Youtube, RSS feed, Audio, Social Media posts, images, and more. You are not restricted to your content only.

Ways to make money with the apps

There are many ways of making money with the apps. The following are some of the examples:

  • Use inbuilt features like Menus, Book a Table, Loyalty Cards,
  • Catalog, and Order Food.
  • Use Admob