SEO & Direct Mail Marketing – The Importance And Benefits Of An Integrated Marketing Campaign

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These days, no business owner can expect to achieve any tangible success with their enterprise, without heavily relying on digital marketing. In order to reach out and attract new customers and clients, a strong online presence is a must. A strong online presence is usually a result of high website ranking. Simply put, the higher your website is ranked, the higher the chances are of your business being detected by millions of internet users.

The importance of SEO

However, achieving high search engine rankings is anything but simple and straightforward. In order to make your website rank higher, you will need a proper online marketing strategy, and more importantly, SEO. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) represents a set of complex techniques which are used to effectively optimize a website and make it more “attractive” to search engines. With proper and professionally handled SEO, you can ensure a high ranking for your website. This way. Your website will have much higher chances of being found by internet users who search for keywords that are related to your business.

An effective integration

However, in order to fully maximize your SEO campaign, you should also consider implementing a strong direct mail marketing campaign, as well. Even though most people tend to completely ignore direct mail pieces, by combining a direct mail marketing campaign with SEO, you will be able to create a very strong and efficient cross-media marketing campaign.

4 Major benefits of a cross-media marketing campaign

  • Segmentation and targeting

mailboxBy utilizing this strategy, you will be capable of targeting a specific audience or specific segments of an audience. Direct mail can be personalized and designed for a precise, specific group, complete with a QR code and a pURL, which will lead the recipients directly to your landing pages. These segments can be then extracted from a bigger database based on a number or various factors.

  • Flexibility

When it comes to direct mail options, you can choose between offline and online ones. Offline options include a variety of postcards and multipage brochures, while online include various types of emails. Keep in mind that you can use a number of campaign phases for a single target audience. For example, you can start the first phase of your campaign by sending a direct email. You can follow this up by sending a catalog or a brochure for the second phase, once the results of the first phase are tweaked and properly evaluated.

  • Accurate and fast tracking

When it comes to the results, they can be accurately measured and tracked in real time. You will receive detailed information about every single visitor who visits your web pages. This info will include link clicks, page visits, survey responses, etc. These can be measured to track the responses over the course of a number of subsequent campaigns, not only each individual one. This way, you will be able to evaluate your segmentation, graphics, and design and incrementally improve upon them.

  • Cost accountability

rssBy utilizing an integrated online marketing campaign, you will know the cost for each sent piece, the number of mailed pieces, as well as the number of recipients who responded to them. With the help of these figures, you will be able to accurately determine your ROI from the campaign and make a well-balanced marketing budget plan.