Inbox Blueprint Review


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Inbox Blueprint is one of the latest Internet marketing program released by Anik Singal, an experienced online marketer. When you log in to the members area of Inbox Blueprint, you will see eight steps organized as individual modules including documents, videos, and articles inside every module.

What you get:

Picking the Niche

This module highlights the best niche you can use to make money through email marketing. The information here outlines the method to research the best online niche using three resources highlighted to get the best online niche. There are also four critical questions that you should ask yourself before selecting the niche. Reading the Best Inbox Blueprint Review helps you make mistakes that can jeopardize your online mission. Besides, exercises at the end of the module hone your skills when choosing the niche.

Opt-In Pagesarrows

After choosing the appropriate niche, you get to learn how to design an effective opt-in page in the module. This helps you maximize the number of people you get on the list. After finishing the module, there are some exercises gauge the mastery of your skills in creating opt-in pages. You will also get templates so that you can use them to guide you in designing your opt-in page.

Secret Thank You Pages

After designing the opt-in page, you go to the third module where you find out Anik’s secret thank you page strategy. This assists you in monetizing the list from the first day. You will be able to get revenue from the first day by showing the followers an offer on the thank-you page.

Auto responder $ Click Tracker

This is the fourth module; it helps you discover the best way to handle the emails and subscribers that have been sent out. This step can be quite intimidating, but after you complete it, you will see how easy it is to set up the transponder service.

This module also reveals the importance of tracking clicks. You learn how to monitor the effectiveness of the emails sent out as well as find out how the customers are responding to the emails.

 Email Marketing Strategy

In this module, Anik share secrets on email marketing strategy to reveal the four email types that are best to use in your list. It also highlights the three rules that you should follow to achieve this. However, you should know that these rules can either break or make the whole email strategy.

Increasing Your Profits

working on phoneAnik helps you to enhance monetization potential by sharing the important methods to maximize earnings from every subscriber. He outlines how you can gather competitive intelligence from the top performers and also how to use the tactics with the customers.

Getting Traffic

This module reveals the best way to get traffic to the opt-in page that is set up to convert highly. This module has eight traffic methods, and they are all simple, and the best thing is that seven of the methods are free.