Benefits of Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

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SEM is considered among the most cost-efficient ways of reaching a target audience that is ready to buy. When you do it right, your ad can reach your targeted audience without you paying anything for it, right until when they click on the ad. When a user searches for related keywords, they will see your ad at the sponsored section of the result page. The ranking for this will depend upon quality score and the amount of money you pay for the keywords. Some of the top benefits of SEM are highlighted below.

Brings Instant Brand Awareness

With unpaid social media and SEO, it may take up to eight months for your website to scale up the rankings, assuming that it actually will. The strategies that you implement as well as what your competitors are doing are what will determine if at all you will improve your search engine rankings. With SEM, your ad is positioned on the first page. This gives you instant brand recognition or visibility, which you can maximize on to increase your revenues.

Grows With Your Business

SEM is generally very scalable. You can start with a small budget to try it out and determine what works for you. As your revenues increases due to the right use of SEM, you will be able to refine your marketing campaigns by removing the ads that are not performing, and increasing daily ad spend.

Gives a Competitive Advantage

Your competitors may be already in the top spot of organic search results thanks to proper search engine optimization. Using SEM, your site can be placed above them, giving you the opportunity to receive a click that would otherwise have been theirs. You can also use paid ads to cancel out the advantage that your competitors may have over you if they are also using paid ads. You only need to ensure that your SEM strategy is right.


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Compared to traditional marketing, SEM is a lot more cost effective. This is the case because the ads that you pay for reach your most prime target, which gives a higher conversion rate. You can also fix or remove any ad that has a low conversion rate. With other traditional ads, they will keep running for the entire duration of your contract or cost you more to fix.